This Week @ Studio 47: September 20, 2015

Hey everyone! Sorry for the belated newsletter! Here’s the scoop:

TONIGHT, 7pm: Screening of beloved film noir classic Detour down in Studio 47! It’s a really great movie, and a really great example of film noir. Plus, there will be SNACKS.

PROMPT OF THE WEEK: Starting this week, we will have weekly (optional) filmmaking prompts to get those creative juices flowing! They’ll be assigned at the general meeting on Monday and “due” at the following general meeting. These can be very low-key, shot on your camera phone, etc. No pressure! This week’s prompt? Make a 1-minute short film all in one long take; no cutting the camera! (Think about Birdman, or the famous long take in Goodfellas, as examples of how to do this!)


CREW CALL: Two student directors are looking for CREW! The information is below; reach out to them directly if you’re interested in helping.

Sarah Rosen (SC ’16) is also working on her Media Studies thesis! She didn’t specify what roles she’s looking for, but you should ask her! Email her at

Madeline Rocco (SC ’16) is working on her Media Studies thesis film. She needs the following roles. Email her at

  • Cinematographer!
  • Composer – Work is centered in post-production. The composer would get a copy of the film and then compose to the rhythm and flow of the film. They would consult with the producer and director beforehand to establish a general idea.
  • Boom Operator and Sound Recordist – these two would work together to make sure the audio is clear and sharp. The sound recordist would be in control of the boom operator, making sure the controls are all correct and the sound coming through is clear. The boom operator would be in control of the boom and would make sure to be near the actors to capture the correct sound.
  • Production / Costume Designer – Make sure the “set” is ready for filming and all props or decorative pieces are set correctly. It would also be their job to make sure that all pieces are in accordance with the time period. They would also make sure that the actors are dressed correctly and are ready whence filming is set to begin.
  • Lighting – someone to set up lights and make sure that everything is safe and properly secured. They will be in control of making sure everything is looking correctly. 

Luke Sawyer, general manager of KSPC, is looking for someone to do intro graphics for his new KSPC/CCTV show. Get in touch with him if you’re interested: