This Week @ Studio 47: September 27, 2015

Hey all! Sorry about how late this is! Here’s the latest from Studio 47:

The video editing workshop that was supposed to be this Saturday, 10/3 (as listed on that blue list of semester events that we’ve handed out) has been moved. It will now be next Saturday, 10/10. Look out for a Facebook event and more info to come!

WEEKLY PROMPT: This week, the theme for our prompt is “beauty.” Shoot a 1-minute short exploring what beauty means to you, in any way that inspires you. We’ll share these shorts at our next general meeting!

The general meeting next week (Monday at 6:15pm, as usual) will be a special budget meeting. We will discuss how we are allocating the budget that we have received from the 5C school senates. If you have ideas for specific equipment/events/other ways to spend our money, bring them to this meeting!


The Film Set is a local actors’ training studio which has expressed interest in collaborating with any directors who may be looking for actors! Email Studio 47 your project information, and we will get in touch with them for you!  If you’re looking for a wider range of ages and ethnicities, this would be the best local resource available!


Are you a 5C actor looking to be cast in student film projects?

Studio 47 is now keeping an ACTOR’S DATABASE on file, so that directors looking to cast a project without a full casting call are able to browse on-campus actors. If a director is interested in casting you from your profile, they can contact you via email and offer you the part.

The database is made up of three components: a profile, a headshot, and a video audition. Here’s what you need to do to be added:

  1. Fill out your profile form here:

  2. Send a headshot to with the subject heading “headshot” and the file saved under the name you’ve given on your profile, ex. “CecilSagehen.jpg”

  3. (optional) Come to Studio 47 during office hours (Sunday-Thursday 7pm-10pm) and record a video audition reading a monologue or dialogue of your choosing. If you were at our 2015 open auditions and asked for your audition to be saved for the database, you don’t need to do this–we’ve saved your file.

Directors, the database will be available in Studio 47 during office hours. You will be asked to provide some details on the project you are casting for before accessing the database.